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Counseling according to URC

Correct, focused and directed counseling, can lead to business and marketing moves aimed precisely at achieving the purpose at hand.
The opening sentence is full of very meaningful words: focusing, guidance, leading, move, business, marketing, marketing purpose. This is not a coincidence. The counseling process is very significant for the building of the business strategy, therefore, one must not belittle the importance of each step towards the purpose at hand.

The initial purpose can be different in each business: constructing and strengthening the image, building an attribution to a winning group, highlighting a product or a unique service and changing the business branding.

The final goal: Increasing the number of clients and profits.

The stages of the counseling process:

Examination of the marketing management's components
Defining the customer's perspective of the business
Outlining an Operation plan
Implementing the plan

Counseling is suitable for:

Small and medium sized businesses
Businesses in which there is no marketing manager
Businesses in which there is no customer services manager
Free lancers
Businesses that are facing a change
Businesses that are at the initial stage of formation

MARCOM according to URC

At a time like this, where the business and personal communication have a crucial role in policy making, there is no room for ambiguous messages, unclear message encoding or compromises in the message content.
Marshall McLuhan coined the following sentence: "The medium is the message" on the pages of mass communication history in today's world, there are so many communicative platforms that it is hard to know what is the right medium for transferring the
message to the different target audiences.
We at UR C come in the picture on some very important intersection:

- Examination of the marketing administration elements.
- Examination of the target audience.
- Constructing a leading concept.
- Constructing a leading message and sub messages.
- Encoded writing
- Presentation

you can email us questions or requests for price estimates on the following topics: Speech writing, image articles, representative letters and general counseling

Here are some of our clients which used our Counseling Box:

BMBY Software Systems www.bmby.com
Italian Jewry museum, Jerusalem
Rise High Enterprise Ltd.
The ISEF Foundation
Mekashron Company www.mekashron.com
V.I.P Motors
Kolboynik Company www.kolboynik.co.il
ZigZag at Futon Shop
Har Zahav Company Ltd.
Pasha Importing and Marketing
Zakai Company Ltd.
Techcent Ltd.

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