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Scripting according to URCreative

Writing a script is a great pleasure.
All the senses, colors, voices and capabilities are at your disposal in order to get the message across.
But there is one problem, as the options are growing so are the difficulties in deciding on which of them to use and how many! In what way, where and when! All those questions and others are intensified.
In this movie, the bigger the challenges and its complexity the bigger the pleasure in over coming them and creating it

To pot it briefly: big thanks to the Lumiere brothers for inventing this medium.
(Have you noticed we didn't go on and on about the image movie and the advertisement effectiveness, we thought that will be simply stating the obvious).
you can email us questions or requests for price estimates on the following topics: image movie scripts, advertisement scripts and movie broadcasting

Imaging film for the
Jerusalem Light Rail Project

Imaging film for
Ma'ale Adumim Municipality

Imaging Film for
CF Patients in Israel

Clicktracks over view in Hebrew / Narrating

Copywriting for a flash banner

Copywriting for a flash banner

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