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portfolio creative services - copywriting about us contact us custumers
Our customers

URCreative customers recommend :

Mark Zeevi – CEO- bmby software system
UR Creative has built us a publishing strategy that has leaded our marketing array to the front of our marketing and advertising ambitions. Starting from the massages bank level trough production, design & copyrighting of Hebrew, English, Polish and Hungarian booklet up to the slogan which leads us to world wide success. According to our profit data, there is no doubt that URcreative are one of the leading forces of their field.

The ISEF Foundation

Sali Toti / ILEX medical
As part of the implementation of a Hebrew-speaking device which measures the levels of blood sugar for blind diabetics, we used the services of UR Creative. These included Hebrew to English translations, recording and uploading of verbal instructions for the device and translations & high-quality printing of brochures in Amharic and Arabic. For the past 7 months we have been very fortunate to work with such a professional, responsible and experienced company that was extremely attentive to our needs. I highly recommend working with URcreative, a creative and determined company.

Isaac Kaneti / Deputy director-general for marketing and business developing at Tadiran Telecom Communication Services in Israel
URcreative has done for us a technical translation of advertising materials of the communication products which our company markets during the year 2006. The job was done professionally, for our full satisfaction and with full response to all our demands.

Sima Sinay / Jerusalem municipality

Idan Avishay / marketing Manager Play65
UR Creative have done a great job in writing an original and excellent contents for the backgammon giant Play65. I warmly recommend URcreative group! It's a pleasure working with them!

Yan Miler / CEO - Mekashron
URC have given us a total package of strategy building, counseling & marketing, in it they choose the right words for a winning copywriting both in Hebrew & in English. Their words really do work!

Inbar Yafe / Marcom - Ophir optronica
UR Creative gave our laser measurement division - graphic and advertising servers. At which time,thay were responsible for the division's publication material design and the production for up coming shows out side of Israel, as well as the professional and international journalism. UR Creative gave us quick and professional answers and met each and every one of the projects goals.

Nava Kesler / manager of the Italian Judaism museum
UR Creative advised the museum for Italian Judaism in the field of marketing and advertising. We believe that every one who is looking for a reliable and professional counseling will find it in the people of UR Creative.

Rami Levi / CEO - kolboynik
When we spoke to UR Creative about our idea they immediately got the concept and work was on its way. The creative work process and the friendly interpersonal relations helped us a lot in forming the overall strategy and in finding the right words for a fool proof success. Thank you

UR Creative is issuing us with a marketing and translation package which is vital and most important for our activities in and out side of Israel. The URC words and concepts brings us safely toward the goals we set out to accomplish. URcreative presents in practice a reliable and professional product for our strive forward.

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