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portfolio creative services - copywriting about us contact us custumers
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Copywriting by URCreative

One of the main players in each winning campaign is the copywriter.
He is accompanied by other team members who work together in achieving the marketing/advertising goal, but there is no doubt that the copywriter is the one who gives the essence to the whole idea.

Marketing writing addresses the right words at the right time, in the right measure, at the right pace, with the right spirit and style - all of which fit the focused or large scale target audience.
When a copywriter develops a text, it is not enough to be witty or have a large vocabulary to draw from. The one million dollar question here is how do we bring about the whole strategic research plan in to just one sentence? (NIKE didn't come up with the slogan “Just DO It”! out of thin air. This slogan is a result of a long and in-depth research and message strategy).

At URC we give a lot of respect to the written and spoken word. We take regular words and transform, rectify, shape, match and –create your next marketing texts.

You can e-mail us questions or requests for price estimates on the following topics: slogan – motto, company’s profile, company/business name, production copywriting, advertisement copywriting, leaflet copywriting, billboards copywriting, websites copywriting, banners copywriting and copywriting translation .

Here are some internet sites and companies which enjoyed out Copywriting services:

VEGOTEX INTERNATIONAL Ltd. www.vegotex.com
Shemen industrys Ltd. www.shemen.co.il
Tadiran Telecom Ltd. www.tbsi.co.il
USR Ltd. www.usr.co.il
D-Meller import & export www.d-meller.com
FOX Weizel Ltd. www.fox.co.il
Compucall - Web marketing www.cwm.co.il
Ophir Optronics Ltd. Publications abroad / www.ophiropt.com
Logic Innovations company www.logicinn.com
BMBY Software Systems www.bmby.com
Mekashron communication Company ww.mekashron.com
World wide play 65 company www.backgame.com /www.Play65.com
ULTIMA company Ltd.www.ultimamoda.co.il
Sides LTD. www.sides.co.il
kolboynik company www.kolboynik.co.il
Digital Print Company www.digital-print.co.il
Sfat M Company www.sfat-m.co.il
CUTAWAY - video for business www.cutaway.co.il
Yasir Group www.yashir-group.co.il
Roim-or company www.roim-or.co.il
HAMAMA Ltd. www.hamama.biz
TVision Media Branding
Har Zahav company Branding
Dror Office servise Direct mailing
Zig Zag company Signposting
Sport He'Atid Signposting
Rise High Enterprise Ltd Advertising
Co-op Ltd. Newspaper content
Jerusalem Municipality Screenplay
Ma'ale Adumim Municipality Screenplay
Zakai Company Ltd. Imaging package
Medical Server Ltd. Screenplay
Copel Company Ltd. folder
Razim- Body Shaping Gym - Direct mailing
SAA-SAA Carpool
Masua Medical Center
PASHA Mrketing
Diva Ltd.
Label Agency
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